Public tenders

The Republic Broadcasting Agency calls public tenders for the issuance of broadcasting licences on the basis of the Radio Frequency Allocation Plan. Proposed service areas the coverage of which is the reason for calling the public tender are publicised in the public tender.

The licences are issued to natural or legal persons interested in programme broadcasting via terrestrial, cable or satellite transmission, either digital or analogue, in the procedure and according to the criteria stipulated by the Broadcasting Law.

Public tenders:


1. Public tender in 2013

2. Public tender in 2012


3. Public tender in 2011

4. Public tender in 2010

5. Public tender in 2008

6. Public tender in 2007

7. Public tender in 2006

To date, tenders have been called and completed at the national, provincial, regional and local level and the level of the City of Belgrade for analogue broadcasting.