Toxic RAP

Cable, SatTV and IPTV

Media Service Provider's short identification sign Toxic RAP
Full Media Service Provider's name TOXIC TELEVISION NETWORK d.o.o. Beograd
Approval number K458
Approval issue date May 12, 2020
Registration Number 21494771
PIB 111518064
Address Nova 4, Grmovac 106, Beograd-Zemun
Phone 060/530-6300
Email address
Representative Nemanja Popović
Editor Nemanja Popović
Ownership 1.Nemanja Popović-50% 2.Milica Pavlović-50%
Media service provider type by content Broadcaster of specialised programme
Type of media service by mean of distribution Linearno-kabal, satelit i IPTV
Approval validity May 12, 2020 — May 12, 2028
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