Cable, SatTV and IPTV

Media Service Provider's short identification sign Hype
Full Media Service Provider's name HYPE PRODUCTION d.o.o., Beograd
Approval number K465-4
Approval issue date March 08, 2022
Registration Number 21580805
PIB 111954556
Address Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića 6-8, Beograd
Phone 065/894-4444
Email address
Representative Saša Mirković
Editor Saša Mirković
Ownership 1.Saša Mirković-70% 2.Aleksej Mirković30%
Media service provider type by content Broadcaster of specialised programme
Type of media service by mean of distribution Linearno-kabal, satelit i IPTV
Approval validity September 15, 2020 — September 15, 2028
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