First exchange of personnel of two regulators successfully completed

The five-day visit of personnel of the Radio and Television Supreme Council of Türkiye (RTÜK) was completed today, as part of which the REM employees, in their capacity as hosts, successfully presented the regulation of electronic media in Serbia.

During the visit, the RTÜK employees were informed in detail about the work of the REM’s technical services, exchanged experiences about everyday work and considered the possibilities of expanding cooperation within their competences.

As part of the exchange, the employees were also informed about the technical and tourist aspects of the Avala Tower. In a conversation with the management of PE Transmitters and Communications, the digital potential of broadcasting in Serbia, as well as the history of transmission technology in our country, were presented to them.

The personnel exchange was the first in a series of exchanges under the Protocol of Cooperation and the Protocol on Expert Personnel Exchange, which the two regulators signed in July of this year and which aim to improve communication, exchange of experience and joint support in the regulation of the media sector and the sector of supervision of the work of media service providers.


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